HydroCo Time Capsule

Turn back the hands of time and immerse yourself in the HydroCo Thermal Time Capsule! This innovative hydrotherapy body treatment provides an aroma filled, hot steam that activates the nutrients in protein-rich sea algae, delicious herbals, or therapeutic mudd wraps as it soothes, calms, and moisturizes your skin.

The increased temperature initiates your body’s natural detoxification process as it stimulates circulation, exfoliates, and draws out impurities. You are bathed with the high atomizing mist Vichy Shower (located in the capsule lid) which efficiently cleanses the masque as it energizes and soothes.

HydroColor lighting assists to relax and re-balance your body – providing you with a comforting hydrotherapy experience.

Since your head remains outside of the capsule, facial treatments and scalp massages may complement your relaxation treatment. The HydroCo Time Capsule provides a warm, hygienic, and private enclosure to relax, restore, and revive your body.

Your skin radiates from within.


Allow 90 minutes.


HydroCo Salt Glow

Goodbye Dry Skin, Hello Salt Glow.

Relax while we exfoliate you from head to toe in the HydroCo Time Capsule.


Allow 30 minutes.



Got cellulite? — We don’t! We have endermologie and so should you!
Endermologie is the 1st FDA approved cellulite treatment in the U.S. This machine uses a rolling and suction technique to safely eliminate cellulite and inches. Requires 2 treatments a week for up to 8 weeks then maintain by doing 1 treatment a month.

Amazing + Relaxing.

$60.00 per treatment

$880.00 Package of 16 treatments SAVE 10%

Allow 35 min.