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11% OFF any purchase OF A NOVEMBER SPECIAL!

The clocks are rolling back and family may be coming in town, but we’ve got some specials #JUSTFORYOU. In November only, purchase a November Special (one of our Esthetiques Exclusive new facials that you don’t want to miss) and get 11% off at check out AND we will email you a $15.00 in store credit to be used on any products in-store during the month of November. (It was so popular, we had to keep it going. You don’t want to miss our in-store products. Hello holiday gifts!)


*Until November 30th at midnight



Have you been considering a facial for a few months, but haven’t decided to take action yet? NOW’S THE TIME!

With our new client special, starting at $35.00 OFF, purchase one of our premiere facials:

  • The Nano Facial

  • The Express: Filler Facial

  • The Game of Thrones Facial

Only one per customer, for new clients only. :)

Starting at $150.00 SALE PRICE

Available through mid November.




Our FILLER FACIAL is as miraculous as it sounds. No needles, no recovery time, but you get ALL the perks. It’s so fabulous that’s all we will share. What we can tell you… it’s the best kept beauty secret in Memphis right now. Purchase the facial online, and receive a FREE dermaplane.

Oh, and, YES, the online discount also applies! ;)

Available through mid November.

$185.00 SALE PRICE (Save up to $45.00)

Esthetiques_game of thrones_facial.jpg

EXCLUSIVE: Game of Thrones Facial for FACE + HANDS

You don’t want to miss this Esthetiques Exclusive November Special.

One or our brand new facials is here! To celebrate, in November only, we will be treating your face and hands with our new favorite, THE GAME OF THRONES FACIAL. #NOVEMBERSPECIAL

Known for it’s immediate and long-lasting results, this completely organic treatment is free of all additives and fillers.

How does it work? Enzymes in the mask refresh your skin by infusing oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and fresh lymph fluid. Basically, this treatment uses your bodies oxygen to refresh your skin. The enzymes are all about repairing the skin and fighting off dryness and dehydration, so repeat facials on a monthly basis are recommended.

During the service, we will put a mask on your skin that will tighten your skin and create the dynamic you see in the photo. While stimulating circulation, the mask begins to tighten, in turn, sending signals to your body to pump blood, oxygen and minerals to the treated area.

If you have any questions, give us a call!

$225.00 SALE PRICE (Price includes facial for face + hands!)



10% OFF package of 4 Nano Infusion Facials

Our Nano Facials are top of the line and a cult favorite among the stars. The state of the art technology penetrates the skin to fight anti aging using the latest in micro channeling to penetrate the top layer of the skin. No downtime, instant results.

The package includes 4 facials at 10% off. We love this special so much, we decided to continue it through November.

If you are looking for skin that stops people on the street asking you for your secret, this is the special for you. Rumor has it, one of our clients has been asked her secret for aging backwards.

$540.00 SALE PRICE (Save $60.00)



Is life crazy busy? We get it. Our Essentials package is a relaxing reboot for your beauty routine. We’ve renamed our Back To School Package because it was so popular with all ages.

THE ESSENTIALS package includes:

  • 1 Full Body Spray Tan

  • 'Whatever It Takes' Acne Facial

  • Lash Lift + Tint OR Lash Extensions (you choose!)

  • Brow Wax

$179.00 SALE PRICE (Save up to $41.00)



As we roll into the holiday season, we want to give you something that is JUST FOR YOU!

Sign up for our newsletter in November to be entered into a GIVEAWAY for a chance to win an Esthetiques Exclusive, CUSTOM FACIAL valued at $250.00+. We will use our exclusive products and treatments to put together a customized facial for your skin. (Yes, we sell these too!)

Winner will be announced on Instagram @esthetiquesskinspa on November 30th!

Follow us @esthetiquesskinspa XOXO #JustforYOU

FREE! (Valued at $185.00)